How to Prevent Itchy Allergy Eyes

As much as I love Spring my allergies do not, and my eyes suffer the most.  For most of my life I have spent this time of year in and out of my eye doctor’s office to the point I should have just set up a standing appointment for once a week this time of year.  For a few weeks each Spring I would run around sans makeup with giant red, miserable itchy eyes.  That was until my early 20’s when I started working for an eye doctor as a receptionist/appointment scheduler.  My job greatly increased during the Spring months and I felt like fist bumping every allergy-eye-sufferer that walked in the door as a sign of solidarity.  But I noticed these fellow sufferers weren’t returning as I typically did and I finally figured out why.  

A little secret was being handed out in the exam room with a simple, seemingly common household item

johnsons baby

I had my serious doubts about this theory but I have tested it for a few years now and cannot recommend it enough.  Here’s how I do it-

Take a wash cloth and soak it with as hot as water as you can stand.  Put about a dime size amount of soap on the towel and rub together with the other side, and close your eyes and rub it on, making sure to get the eyelashes as well where so many germs and dirt hide.  Keep your eyes shut until you rinse with warm water.  My eye doctor swears by this method and recommends doing this twice a day during really bad allergy season.  This is such an easy and economical alternative to hanging out in the eye doctors office all season!