Best Online Butcher Delivery Service?

The world is busy these days, life is hectic, so why not choose an online butcher delivery service? A quality butcher delivery from an online butcher shop? There are a few providers out there now competing for your custom, so prices aren’t as extortionate as you may think.

So, what should we look at when choosing the best online butcher shop? First and foremost, in my opinion at least, would be quality. It has long been said you can tell a producers standards by the quality of his (or her) sausages… I will be looking at this as a big sign of how they treat quality across their range.

The other major consideration has got to be price! So, I will also look at the price per 100 grams of lean beef mince, pork fillet and chicken breasts for each of the companies vying to be your online butcher. Extra merit will be awarded for being an online ORGANIC butcher.



Let’s start with Muscle Food, they promise a lot with their leaner approach to meats and healthy living branding, but how do they stack up? Well, there range is good, all main meats, some more exotic meats like buffalo and crocodile (but these only come as burgers), as well as a good range of supplementary products, vegetables, snacks, drinks, egg and dairy. But, they don’t sell any fresh fruit. As we discussed when looking at a fruit and veg suppliers the point of using a service like this is to free up your time, and reduce your need to pop out food shopping.



Cumberland Sausage (per 100g) = 13.3 grams Protein / 20.3 grams Fat / 11.5 grams Carbohydrates

Beef Mince (7.5%) = £7.38 / 1 kilogram (based on 400 grams) 

Pork Tenderloin =  £12.38 / 1 kilogram (based on 400 grams)

Chicken Breast (Whole) = £11.76 / 1 kilogram (based on 2 breasts)



Everything Abel & Cole sell is certified organic, and they sell a very full range of products with: fruit and veg, meat and fish, as well as snacks and drinks, all delivered direct to your door. An advantage on Muscle Food already is the addition of a fruit range. Abel & Cole are definitely a class above Muscle Food, the quality of their meat appears very good in my Cumberland sausage test, but with all the meat being certified organic, it doesn’t come cheap! You can expect to pay a premium of between 50-100% for buying organic meats from Abel & Cole, when compared to Musclefood’s non-organic offering. Is that a price worth paying? Let’s look at some of the…



Cumberland Sausage (per 100 grams) = 14.8 grams Protein / 12.5 grams Fat / 8.8 Carbohydrates

Beef Mince (5-10%) = £14.00 / 1 kilogram (based on 400 grams)

Pork Tenderloin = £32 / 1 kilogram (based on 300 grams)

Chicken Breast (Whole) = £19.80 / 1 kilogram (based on 4 breasts)



So its an interesting one to call, with both companies firmly doing better in the two different areas. Musclefood are billed as the lean contender for the healthy butcher market. But actually their Cumberland sausage, is 20.3% fat… Compare this with Abel & Cole and we see that Abel and Cole Cumberland sausages have more protein, nearly 38% less fat, and don’t have as many carbohydrates.

But then there are the cold hard facts. Musclefood is targeting the consumer with very attractive offers on their produce. It really comes down to what your budget is for the meal you’d create. If you’re looking for a high meat content proper banger for guests on Sunday, maybe you order a box a week from Abel & Cole for those treat items, and buy the majority of your honest cooking meat (steak mince and chicken breasts etc) from Muscle Food.

Because you can buy individually packaged chicken breasts from Muscle Food, but in bulk packs at 2.5 kilograms or 5 kilograms. That’s right you can buy individually packaged chicken breasts in bulk, ideal if you live alone or as a couple. Say you will take them in packs of 4 and you’ll get them cheaper. This is good meat, wholesale. I just have a niggle over the made goods. But I couldn’t justify the pork tenderloin being more than double with Abel & Cole for being organic, when the pork tenderloin at Muscle Food is free range anyway.


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