Fill in the Blank


I was thinking the other day about the upcoming election.  Before you tune me out, no, I am not going to get political on you.  But I was thinking about the fear that a lot of people have regarding it.  And in the midst of all the campaigns and advertisements and “he said/she said” slinging fights I just wanted to stand up in the midst of it all and say don’t worry!

When government goes bad,
God stays good.

But then I remembered some friends going through a health trial.  A diagnosis.  An unexpected turn that they never could have seen coming.  My mind spun back to about a month ago when my dad suddenly fell ill and before we knew it was being rushed into emergency brain surgery.  I felt the fear that had rushed over me that day and if you would have asked me about which political candidate said what I would have probably said, what election?  So if you’re in that boat and you haven’t even been able to glance up let alone know anything about current happenings in the world, I wanted to come up next to you and say, take a breath.

When health goes bad,
God stays good.

I thought about someone close to me who has been struggling with a possible layoff for months.  Everyday he goes to work with bated breath wondering if today will be the day.  He and his wife spend time crunching numbers again and again and again and each time come up with the same result.  Not enough.  I wanted to assure them too,

When finances goes bad,
God stays good.

God reminded me of a new friend who is watching her marriage crumble before her eyes.  They fought through an affair, added another sweet baby to their family, thought they had weathered the worst of the storms of their marriage.  Suddenly she’s told he doesn’t want to do it anymore.  She’s facing being a single mom for the first time and navigating life without the one who promised her forever.  I wanted to sit down and weep with her over all that was lost and whisper,

When promises go bad,
God stays good.

At the end of the day, it’s what we’ve got.  The promise that God is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).  No matter what.  No matter who else fails us.  No matter what else takes us by surprise.  No matter which plans we’ve made fail.  Fill in the blank for yourself too.  I don’t know what you’ve got that’s breaking your heart or weighing on your mind right now.  But I do know it’s true for you too. God stays good friend.  Always good.

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