Seasons and Changes

It’s been a busy season here.  School has started and we’re off and running again. I wonder if anyone else has a love hate relationship with this season like I do?

I love a good fresh start as much as the next person.  I love a good routine to fall into.

But I don’t like the rush and busy-ness it never fails to bring.  The thoughts in my head of “hurry” and “what’s next” seem to play on replay in my head.  It’s exhausting and I miss the slower pace that Summer provides.

But just like life, seasons come and go.  I rest in knowing that the same faithful God will show up in this season as He does all the rest and that He has good planned for this one too.

A new season also prompts me to reevaluate things and see where my time and energies are being spent so that I can see where my priorities are in my life.  Are they where they should be?  If not, how can I improve?  If so, how can I maintain or better yet continue to improve?  This ministry, Barnabas Lane, has been heavy on my heart through this reevaluating period.  I haven’t felt that clear direction that I typically feel with it and it has left me feeling lost.  Every morning I have been praying for clear knowledge and direction and have continued to lay this at the feet of Jesus.  I remind Him that this is His, it always has been and will always be, and if He is done with this platform then I am too.

But I haven’t felt released from it.  I don’t have a clear plan, but I don’t feel it’s time to walk away either.  Even this post is just a transparent laying out of my heart to you, without any real distinct plan.  It’s unlike me and feels awfully nerve-wracking if I were to be honest with you, but I’m taking that step to trust God with and just follow Him in obedience.

With all that said, the blog could start to look a little different.  I’m not sure how myself or I would share it with you all!  But either way I’m excited for what I believe God will do with it as I just openly trust Him with it.  Thank you sweet friend for simply coming along for the ride.  I treasure every step, no matter how unknown.

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