Mug Swap 2016!

Hi friends!  Today is a new and exciting announcement kind of day!


August has always been rather daunting to me.  I like Summer and the freedom it brings, let alone my teacher-husband it allows me to spend my days with.  I fight and pray against the discouragement this month cans sometimes bring.

But August 1 the past few years have also been an exciting day because of 1 special reason- Mug Swap!!  Thanks to Cuppa Kim and her amazing work I have had a blast taking part in Mug Swap the past few years.  I have so much fun looking for the cutest mug and goodies for my swap partner and it always seems like I receive mine on a day where I really needed a little pick me up.

Only God can do that.

I was so sad to see that Cuppa Kim was not hosting the Mug Swap this year and will in no way do as good as job as she did!  She was a rockstar and a blessing to so many!  I hope to pick it up this year in her place and give it my all.  I pray this will be a blessing to you all as much as it’s been to me.  So with that being said, let Mug Swap 2016 begin!!!  (Insert confetti and balloons here.)


Mug Swap 2016 Rules

1.)  To enter simply email me at  You will receive an email in reply to answer with things like your mailing address where you want your mug received, your tastes and preferences.  Please note you will be entered once I receive your reply!

2.)  The name of the game is you send a mug and get a mug, but that doesn’t always play out.  Sometimes people don’t get a mug back, so note that there is no guarantee that you will receive anything back.  Please show grace in this area.  Sometimes life gets crazy, spouses lose a job, health takes a downward spiral, or you just plain forget.  We’ve all been there and it’s more fun to give than to receive anyways right?!

3.) Mug Swap registration ends on August 20th.  You will receive an email with your Mug Swap partner’s info by August 24th.  Please send out your mug to your partner no later than August 31st.

4.)  Please use hashtag #mugswap16 to share the fun with all your friends and get more people on board!  I will be reposting fun shopping and receiving pics on Instagram so be sure to follow me on Instagram here!

5.)  Lots of people send boxes with a mug and goodies, but lots of people also send boxes with simply a mug!  That is perfectly fine!  Give what you feel led to give and what you feel would bless somebody else.  This is really a project about giving and blessing far more than it is receiving.

Have fun and let the Mug Swap begin!!!!

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