When “Hanger” Gets Real


I can practically feel my husband testifying on this one about me.

It’s true though, I am guilty as charged.  One of the mean reasons that I am a hardcore meal planner every single week is not for the convenient perks it offers.  It’s more the fact that every night when I get tired and hungry and it’s dinnertime (or well past) I can go from gracious to grumpy in the blink of an eye.  All of a sudden I need food, I need it now and I don’t know what we have or what sounds good.

It feels like I’ll be stuck in this emotional hole from lack of nutrition forever.
(Over dramatization in the slightest.)

I can suffer from spiritual “hanger” too.  I can get so caught up in busyness and distractions that I can either neglect my spiritual growth or just get into such a spiritual rut with it that I’m not really living off of it.  It’s more like checking another to-do off my checklist than it is a thriving daily relationship.

Just like the emotional symptoms of hunger can pop up in my life, the symptoms of a lack of spiritual nutrition are even worse.  I can be short with my husband, easily annoyed, quick to complain, selfish, frustrated, lack of joy, worried, anxious, downright depressed or hopeless.

Sometimes, quite often really, it takes me really breaking down over something before I stop and realize what is missing in my life and the effect it is having on me, my emotions, my relationships and most importantly my walk with God.

So what do we do when we notice spiritual “hanger” creeping in?

I’m a firm believer in something God has been stirring in my heart so much lately-
Feed the spirit, starve the flesh.

This is a lifestyle made up of many choices.  I’ve been deliberately working on this one a lot lately personally.

When I have a 5 minute wait somewhere, choosing prayer over a social media check in.
When I get the opportunity to share my opinion over a matter, choose Spirit-filled, life-giving words instead of my own thoughts.
When I have a busy day ahead, set the alarm earlier instead of trying to squeeze in or rush through a quiet time.
Have a set of pastors or Bible teachers that are truly sound in the doctrinal Word of God and choose to watch one of their sermons instead of another television shows.
Choose praise and worship instead of the local secular radio station.
Make scripture memory a way of life.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that things like secular music or social media or television in and of themselves are wrong or sinful.  However, would we be willing to take drastic steps to deepen our walk?  Would we be willing to completely saturate our lives with the Word of God so that there isn’t room for all the other “stuff”?

Feed the Spirit, starve the flesh.

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