Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

This one is so delicious though that it probably would’ve been worth the use of the hot oven. It didn’t last in our fridge for a solid 48 hours, we just kept going back for “one more” spoonful.  Shameful.  

Here’s what you’ll need…

Pound cake (no shame in store bought here)

8 oz. cream cheese

Strawberries, sweetened

2-8 ozs. Cool Whip or whipped topping

1/2 cup powdered sugar

Start by chopping your strawberries and sweetening them with sugar, depending on how sweet you like your berries.  The more sugar you add, and the longer you let this sit, the more “syrup” this will naturally create.

While your berries are syrup-ing cut the pound cake into cubes.

If the crust bothers you just trim that off.

Next use your hand or stand mixer to blend the cream cheese and powdered sugar together.  Once that’s nice and smooth fold in 8 ozs. of whipped topping.  Now it’s time to begin assembling.  Start with a layer of pound cake, then strawberries, then cream cheese mixture.

Repeat this layer, finishing with the additional whipped topping.

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