Spring DIY Tiered Planter

I began with 3 flower pots of increasing size.  I actually already had these pots in my garage, so I began by just spray painting them 3 bright colors.

Next I started filling my pots with potting soil.  Then I took the middle size pot and set it inside on top of the soil in the largest pot.    

I offset this, even though you wouldn’t have to.  I played around with it a bit and preferred this look the best.  Make sure that once you’ve decided the placement of the pots (off centered, centered, to the right/back/left) that you give a little pressure to the pots to kind of stabilize it within each other.

Now it’s time to start filling the empty spots with flowers!  I tried to leave a bit of space among them to give them some growing room.  You can fill this with whatever you like depending on where you’re putting this.  Since I was placing mine on our front porch and it’s rather shady I had to keep that in mind when purchasing our plants and flowers for this project.  The top tier is Purple Fountain Grass, and the other 2 tiers are a mix of Double Begonias and Impatiens.

After only a few days these flowers have already really flourished and grown to make the pots look beautiful and full!  I love how this turned out and hope you do as well!

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