Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork

You can always gauge how hectic life is at any point in time by asking me how many crock pot meals we’ve enjoyed lately. Ya’ll the crockpot is just a permanent fixture on the counter at this point.  No need to put it away, it’s keeping us fed.  

So a few disclaimers concerning this recipe:

A) If root beer sounds bizarre in a BBQ recipe, please trust me.

B) If you do not like root beer, please trust me.

C) Just try this, please trust me.

I’m fairly certain this recipe is so easy I can make it in my sleep, but it’s also so so yummy we eat it up like I’ve been slaving over the stove for hours.  You cannot taste the root beer in this at all so don’t be weirded out like I was the first time I tried this.  Also, you can put this delicious-ness in SO many things.  We eat off of this dish for days, making pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, pulled pork baked potatoes, salads, or we even just scoop it up with potato chips.  Here’s what you’ll need…

Printable Recipe

-Boston Butt Roast (here I used a 10lb. piece)

-2 cups of Root Beer

-16-18 oz. BBQ sauce of your choice

Place the meat in the crock pot and pour in the 2 cups of Root Beer.  Cook this for 7 hours on high.  Times will vary depending on how large your roast is.

When it’s done it looks something like this.  Drain, shred, and pour in your favorite BBQ sauce.

After adding the sauce pop the lid back on and let it go on low for 1 more hour.  Then serve anyway you please!  

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