Journey to Knowing

The last few weeks have been such a journey for me.
Full of extremely high high’s and extremely low low’s.


And I have no doubt that God will use it and that I will absolutely share it with you and speak out of it.  Just like Hannah when she said,

“My heart rejoices in the Lord;
    in the Lord my horn is lifted high.
My mouth boasts over my enemies,
    for I delight in your deliverance.

 “There is no one holy like the Lord;
    there is no one besides you;
    there is no Rock like our God.
1 Samuel 2:1-2

But today is not that day.  There’s still lots of work to be done between just the Father and I.

But I do want to share this for anyone who needed to hear it today-

A few weeks ago I was really betrayed and lied to by a person that I was extremely close to.  I never could have expected she was even capable of doing that to me honestly.

There were no words for the pain that practically consumed me for days as I bounced between anger and devastation.

I really forgave her for 1 reason and 1 reason only-God commanded me to.
But I’ll be honest, I had to FIGHT my flesh to be able to do it.  At the end of that week I even told my husband, I think if you could see on the outside what I feel on the inside I would just be bloody and bruised at this point.

But I did.

I forgave her.

Then I took all that hurt to God and simply wept and begged Him to do something with it.  Something.  Anything.

Do you know what He’s been showing me out of it?

Sometimes the only way we really know the only TRUE One is when He becomes the only truth to us.  When everyone else has failed us and at the end of the day it’s just you, a whole heap of hurt, and Him.

After all, He told us in John 8:32 that when we know the truth (only Him) we would be set free.

Sometimes it really is darkest before the dawn, but freedom could be coming around the bend when you least expect it.

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  • This is so inspiring. I understand that pain you felt…I’ve been there many a time and sometimes all we can do is take it to the Father and let Him has His will. Thank you for sharing this. I would love for you to link this tomorrow at my Tuesday Talk party and again on Thursday at my Party at My Place. Many should hear these simple words and use them to heal their own hearts. Powerful!

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